Week 26 Update

Week 26 Update

Week 26 Update

1. New Progress of Odin Lite


This week the software design of Odin Lite has successfully moved to a new milestone - the beta version of A11 is ready for test and we will start functionality and stability testing as well as Antenna testing from next Monday, what's more, 20 pieces samples of the second hardware edition with FPGA acting as HDMI video bridge will be ready for testing as well. Odin Lite seems quite promising and if everything is fine, mass production should happen 2 weeks later.


2. Important Comments and Voices I Got from Discord and IGG


This week I shared part of my spare time visiting Odin discord and IGG discussion page with Nicole's help, and some important feedback and reasonable suggestions have caught my attention, I just made my decision to take the following actions for better customer services:

(1)We will activate a web page on our Shopify web shop for delivery dashboard which helps on showing real time shipping data everyday.
(2)  We will give a estimated shipping calendar excel sheet base on the current existing perks, and people just need to go to the corresponding perk page for a easy shipping calendar to know when the shipping will happen and so that to make people less worry on the shipping uncertainty than before.


Please comment under this weekly report and let me know if you have further good ideas for us to enhance our product design and customer services.


3. Repair Kit Shipping Date and OTA Release Date


We designed a new packing box for the repair kit and the plastic injection for the housing pieces will be ready on next Thursday (3/10), the backers with a defective L1/R1 shoulder button will get our shipping notification when it is shipped out.

The estimated date for the first version of Odin OTA will happen before 3/11.

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